About Us
About Us
Our marketing implementation organization builds your Demand Generation Ecosystem™ so your entire marketing technology footprint works together to help your marketing initiatives. Our Yetis have been on the marketing automation and demand generation trail since the dawn of SEO, Inbound Marketing and systemized marketing software. Bringing together backgrounds from industry and agencies, we apply our technology, infrastructure and metrics expertise to enable you to generate revenue. We’ve earned our wilderness survival badge and capture real returns for clients who’ve demanded proof of performance.

Meet the Leadership Team
Christopher Antonopoulos: Principal

I have been very fortunate to learn from some of the best and work at organizations that were cutting edge in their use of marketing programs and tools to drive revenue. I have built marketing programs from the ground up not contracting vendors, but doing the actual grunt work. This wisdom and experience allows me to understand the details of what is required rather than just have a high level understanding. I’ve run sales organizations and built pipeline. This hands-on experience came from cutting edge organizations like Tandberg; global deployments with Cisco, as well as Network Solutions and Full Quota.

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Michael Rejmaniak: Head Marketing & Operations Yeti

I’m responsible for ensuring that the marketing technology solutions we develop for our clients address their underlying business goals. I believe in building technology around people without overcomplicating things, so that any changes we make are embraced rather than feared.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the trenches, managing email campaigns, online advertising programs, marketing automation tools, CRM integrations and website projects. I call upon this experience in developing sound executable strategies for our clients.

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Nancy McDonald: SEO Expert

SEO is all about words. On web pages, words matter where and how they are used. I’ve helped clients rank better in search results to get them more visitors to their website. I also teach SEO to marketers, webmasters, SEO consultants and bloggers. The work I’ve done for my clients makes teaching the courses more meaningful with real-world war stories.

SEO can’t be separated from marketing anymore, and if marketing automation tools build the foundation for the marketing program, then SEO impacts many of the program aspects. Holistic marketing includes website visibility and performance, because without targeted web visitors, conversions are harder to come by.

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Vanessa Stirling: Yeti at Large – Sales and Marketing Strategy

I thrive on the complexity of B2B sales cycles and bring a pragmatic, single-minded approach to quickly maximizing revenue growth. At heart, a storyteller (that creative writing degree did have a use!), I understand how to leverage complex technologies to drive revenue for the company and value to their audience.

I have deep experience in marketing operations, analytics, sales and marketing alignment, go-to-market strategy, content marketing, branding and communications and demand generation tactics. My career includes global marketing and leadership roles in start-up, SMBs and multi-billion dollar organizations in the B2B software and services space.

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Deb Loizides: Head of Business Development

I am an experienced sales executive who has had the privilege to work with and lead amazing teams/organizations at some of the Top ranked Fortune 500 Companies. I understand the importance of teams working collaboratively and have a gift for breaking down barriers that add no value to an organizations’ productivity and damage its culture.

As an expert in leading and coaching change management, I have a talent and a passion to work with teams across all departments to understand their current business challenges and to collaboratively build a process and line of communication that will support the desired results. I have exceled in transformation, turn-around, start-up and high growth situations in go-to-market, sales and general management roles.

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