What’s with the Yeti?

Yeti’s don’t exist. Or do they?

In the world of B2B marketing, delivering more qualified leads, more sales opportunities, and more closed-won business is like finding a Yeti. You believe it could exist but you’ve never met one.

That’s what we heard from some of our initial clients: that finding people like us who can deliver the elusive marketing ROI has been a frustrating hunt. The group of us have been learning digital marketing and connecting with sales since the inception of marketing automation, when digital marketing only meant email, SEO was just getting inbound links and when clicks in Google cost less than ten cents.

Today, Measured Results Marketing is the only company with the ability to help you find your Yeti. Marketing is a complex ecosystem now that relies on coordinating a complex set of programs, people, and tools to make sure you get in front of the businesses who want to buy what you are selling.

The Yeti has been sighted.

  • We have personally worked in and for organizations where we had to figure out what was the right technology as well as how to get sales and marketing to work together.
  • We have built the process and tested hundreds of programs when tools like Eloqua and HubSpot were in their infancy.
  • We have run inside sales so understand how to qualify leads.
  • We have carried a quota so know that not all marketing activities require a follow-up call.
  • We have been responsible for revenue targets and reporting on them.
  • We have had to demonstrate real ROI to defend out marketing budgets.
  • We are here to help you @findyouryeti.