Salesforce’s Dreamforce 2023 event recently came to an end. It’s another great show, similar to HubSpot’s sold-out 2023 Inbound event that recently took place in Boston, but it’s even bigger. Spread throughout downtown San Francisco and across several buildings, Dreamforce is an epicenter of CRM information for how you can optimize your use of the Salesforce ecosystem.

But, as in HubSpot’s Inbound event, it’s not for everyone. It’s extremely busy and hosted in one of the world’s most expensive cities, so perhaps you opted out this year.  Again!

Fortunately, Measured Results Marketing is fluent in the Salesforce and Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engage/Pardot environments, as we’ve been working with them for more than a decade.

No matter what your level of Salesforce chops, you likely have questions or projects that you want support on. Well, we speak your language:

You’re an Administrator – translating the functionalities your Marketing and Business Development teams are looking for into the capabilities of Salesforce or HubSpot isn’t always straight-forward. Allow us to guide you and your teams on best demonstrated practices to get you where you want to be on forms, sequences, flows, and reporting:

  • Automatically create Leads directly from business card scans from conferences and events, share a company overview, add to a nurture campaign, and assign a BD owner
  • Initiate an onboarding process, credit check, and account setup procedures upon Opportunity stage selection
  • Commence post-mortem or post-win feedback collection without requiring your BD team’s time

Marketing Cloud Account Engage/Pardot – you need to optimize campaigns and build flows to automate some of the administration. Don’t worry, we’ve been there. We can get you from A to B quickly, so you can focus on campaign strategy.

  • Establish ‘if this, then that’ process automation to keep Leads and Contacts engaged
  • Return time to your BD team to focus on pipeline development by leveraging flows to automate common administration

Service Cloud – a powerful feature of Salesforce. Connecting proactive Marketing efforts with back-end service interactions provides your Operations and Business Development teams with a full view of customer account management activities. Imagine how much more fulfilling your customers’ experiences would be if you were able to anticipate questions and future demands based on your customers’ historical performances. We can integrate information across clouds and help you close those data gaps.

And we can help you with so much more!

Chances are, you could implement a lot of what you need on your own if you just had more time. Beyond support and guidance, more time for you is what we offer: we take on your challenges so you can focus more on your priorities.

Developing digital strategies for your inbound ideas is another topic we can support you on. With almost 100 automation implementations under our belt, we can call upon our experience to recommend flows and solutions to you. And then help you get them implemented too.

Ultimately, our goal is to help you and your team optimize your CRM system, whether it be Salesforce, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engage/Pardot, HubSpot, Marketo, or any one of the many platforms out there.

Leverage the support of the MRM Yetis to accelerate your progress towards your CRM goals, contact us to get started.