Are you stuck for B2B content marketing strategies and ideas? You're not alone! Sometimes it seems as if your B2C peers have it easier with more ways to reach their target audience that include humor and off-beat ideas.

As B2B providers, you may not want to use humor or off-beat themes that might alienate your prospects, depending upon what you offer.

TopRank Marketing recently published 12 content marketing examples that may include strategies that are right for you. Here's a quick recap for you based on case studies and examples they wrote about based on the 2014 C2C Killer Content Awards.

  • ADP Multi-Touch Campaign: ADP is a payroll and human resource management business. They developed a quarterly marketing campaign that includes in graphics, "cookbooks," and other assorted digital collateral. The reported ROI across three quarters was 905%.
  • SunGard IT support services: This company developed a video series with humor, based around the holidays. They emphasized industry pain points and trends. SunGard developed a marketing strategy to distribute these videos via social media, press releases, email and paid media. They generated over 3,000 leads in three days. Their open rates for emails was more than 2 times the average rate. They also used CTAs for a white paper download that generated a whopping 87.4% click through rate!
  • Live Person, an online provider for chat and voice functions for B2C/B2B prospects interviewed marketing influencers in both channels. They developed a wide range of interesting topics and the interviews they conducted were made into an e-book. They got an 11% open rate, 17% CTR, and more.

These are just three possible ways to boost and liven up your marketing efforts. Measured Results Marketing can analyze your entire sales and marketing programs to help identify areas of improvement, and create a priority plan that they'll help you execute. This support includes showing you how to get the most of out of your marketing automation tools to enhance the priority plan you put in place.

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