Automated email marketing is a must for driving your sales campaigns and drawing those qualified leads into your sales cycle. According to the Spear Marketing Group, B2B marketers only use automated email campaigns about 25% of the time. That's shockingly low.

Not only that, but the survey also revealed that frequent prospect outreach is lagging. About 30% said their prospects didn't get at least one email per month from them. If you want to create brand awareness, you need to email your prospect list at least once per month; more is better.

Early this year, Regalix  did research that confirmed how successful email marketing is early in the sales cycle. It works best during the awareness (72%) and consideration (69%) phase of the sales cycle. During the purchase portion, that number dropped to 36%.

Time and time again, I've seen how effective email marketing is for ROI. Implementing, mastering and using automated email marketing tools makes this entire process more efficient. Admittedly, it can be a challenge to set up and test, but as marketers, this is what we do best!

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