Lead nurturing and segmentation are two critical parts of any effective marketing campaign. Lead nurturing is focused on moving your prospects through the buying cycle, while segmentation hones in on the specific interests of those prospects. To be as effective as possible, you must segment your nurturing efforts so that the experience is both relevant and personalized.

Will you be attending Martech Magnified: The Fundamentals of Marketing Technology on January 27? Some of the top marketing executives in the DC area will be there to discuss various marketing technologies that can help address your specific lead nurturing, scoring, and segmentation needs.  But for now, we’ve put together some helpful dos and don’ts to keep in mind when working on your lead nurturing campaigns:

Do use lead scoring
Lead scoring enables you to clearly identify those leads that are sales ready and those that need further nurturing.

Don’t set it and forget it
Lead scoring models need to be monitored and evaluated on a regular basis.  Hold monthly or quarterly meetings to assess progress and review employee recommendations.

Do collaborate (Marketing & Sales)
Work together to define MQLs and SQLs, track progress, request feedback and monitor workflows.

Don’t forget to ask customers what they want
Customers needs are always changing.  Don’t get too comfortable and assume you know what type of information people are looking for – always ask!

Do create personalized content
Address your prospect’s interests by engaging with them about specific actions they’ve taken (downloading a checklist or visiting a blog post).

Don’t overwhelm prospects
Emailing too often can lead to customers unsubscribing.  Be respectful of their inbox, and do not inundate them with information.

Do create educational content
Prospects are looking for answers. Provide them with valuable information that helps them solve their problems.

Don’t forget to include CTAs
Create one CTA per communication and test and track its effectiveness.

Do map your content based on the stage of the buying cycle
Prospects who are just beginning to research their options do not want details sales pitches.  Know where your prospects are in the cycle and communicate with them appropriately.

Lead nurturing and segmentation, when implemented properly, will transform your prospects into paying customers.  If you need help choosing the right marketing technology, be sure to attend MarTech Magnified: The Fundamentals of Marketing Technology. We hope to see you there!


Image courtesy of Sira Anamwong at FreeDigitalPhotos.net