Managing your organization’s data quality workflow is the best way to nurture leads through the buying process. By effectively setting up and monitoring your marketing automation system, you can feed your customers the specific type of content that they are interested in and move them along in the buyer’s journey. Providing customers with valuable content will result in being recognized as a leader in the industry and go-to business resource.

Getting Started
Setting up a workflow all begins with identifying the first trigger. There are two ways you can start triggers:

Filling out a form
For example, after a person submits their email address to gain access to your e-book, they would be placed in a workflow that focuses on products or services that are closely related and relevant to the topic discussed in the e-book.

Lead list
Another trigger could begin from a list. For example, if you track the people who repeatedly visit the same page(s) of your website, they could be put into a workflow specific to the information they continue to come back to review

You could create a list of leads that fit a pre-selected list of demographics that you are targeting like job title, business location, size of business etc. There are limitless options you could try and test for effectiveness.

Workflow Steps
For each identified workflow, you will then need to determine the number and type of steps that will be involved. Some workflows may be simple with just one step, whereas more complicated workflows can have multiple steps or send leads in various directions.

Based on how the individuals engage with the content in the workflow, different actions can be taken. Prospects can be added to lists, contact properties can be updated in the database, additional emails can be sent, or specific team members can be notified when pertinent actions occur.

After the steps have been finalized, you need to determine time frame implementation. That simply means determining how long do you wait between sending correspondence. Different factors come into play making these decisions. It will depend on the type of business you are in and the buying lifecycle of your product or service.

Implementing a marketing automation system, monitoring the data quality workflow, and sharing valuable content will nurture leads and help move them along. It is important to remember that while this an automated process, it’s not just a set it and forget it. For full effectiveness you must regularly analyze the key indicators to optimize the process. Want to learn more about data quality workflow? We’d love to hear from you. Please email or call us at 571-606-3106.