Sales executives still rank lead generation as biggest challenge they need to overcome. According to CSO Insights, businesses that purchase and install marketing automation systems don't really have a good handle on how to define a good lead that satisfies both marketing and sales staff.

Their new report CSO Insights' 2015 Sales Management Optimization Study (paid download), also reveals that first conversation conversion rates are around 75% for only a fifth of companies surveyed, and about 25% said their rate is between 50 and 75%. What's disturbing about this is that these were interested, motivated leads, but that a positive connection is only made about half of the time.

Using marketing automation tools for lead scoring and measuring lead generation success is not something that's done right upon installation. Many factors play into defining lead scoring accurately, and the conversation between the marketing and sales staff about what constitutes a good lead or the best score is a lengthy conversation.

The study also found that while the marketing department has the automation tools, the sales team still generates more leads.

I found this very interesting, partly because it's what I'm seeing with our clients, and also because marketing automation tools have to be set up properly with the right metrics and programming to ease some of the workload for both sales and marketing.

The chart below from Direct Marketing News shows the top priorities for better sales management.

lead generation challenges

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