All the Yetis in the house say hey-ohh

Meet your new Demand Generation buddies

Our Demand Generation Consultants provide the unique service of managing sales and marketing operations and technology to align infrastructure with Sales and Marketing goals. Our proprietary process (the Demand Generation Ecosystem) connects everything from lead generation to closed won business.

And, yes, since 2013, we still get a kick out of building demand generation engines for company after company.

Christopher Antonopoulos: Founder and CEO

Christopher Antonopoulos is the founder and CEO of Measured Results Marketing, a marketing and sales technology services provider that works with businesses to create a Demand Generation Ecosystem® that encompasses their people, processes, and technology.

Christopher’s prior experience with cutting-edge organizations like Tandberg, Cisco Systems, Network Solutions, and Fleet Financial gave him the wisdom and experience necessary to run sales organizations, deploy effective marketing technologies, and optimize marketing and sales operations.

Christopher has successfully initiated and led global web-centric marketing efforts to increase sales pipeline, build market share, and drive revenue gains across multiple channels. He holds an MBA from the University of Denver and a bachelor’s degree in political science from Boston University.

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Vanessa Stirling: Yeti at Large, Sales & Marketing Strategy

Vanessa thrives on the complexity of B2B sales cycles and brings a pragmatic, single-minded approach to quickly maximizing revenue growth. She has deep experience in marketing operations, analytics, sales and marketing alignment, go-to-market strategy, content marketing, branding, and communications and demand generation tactics. 

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Thomas Stromberg: Director of Technology

Thomas’ super power is setting up marketing automation to handle the nuts and bolts of campaign execution. His experience with complex workflows, email campaigns, and website development helps him understand the best ways to use automation to save clients’ time and get them closer to their marketing goals. Thomas has worked with clients in a variety of sizes, industries, and stages of development to make sure the technology performs against best practices and their business demands. 

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Jennifer Jackson “JJ” : Marketing Automation Manager

JJ has worked at the intersection of marketing, sales, and execution teams for over a decade and has learned a lot about how to direct and merge traffic. At its core, her role is to help companies uncover solutions to align their marking operations and sales efforts. She is looking to find the best ways to automate and streamline day-to-day activities, as well as maintain data integrity for reporting and future insights. Helping people to do their job better and more efficiently brings JJ great joy; in doing so she is supporting others in their discovery of the value they can bring to any situation. Creating space for people and teams to grow and scale begins with assessing the current situation, determining goals to move forward, and determining what can be automated to achieve those things – that’s where she comes in to assist.

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Meg Robinson : Director of Client Services

Meg is a technology, marketing, and project leader with 30+ years of experience building marketing teams, managing technical projects, implementing CRM tools, and managing customer and client relationships. Her technical expertise includes systems specifications and architecture of HubSpot Marketing, Sales and Service Hubs, as well as integrations with other platforms. Meg has managed demand generation teams, marketing operations teams, business development teams, and has led sales/marketing platform integrations for international companies. This experience has helped her translate day-to-day needs of sales and marketing workflows/processes and how they can be augmented via technology stack implementations. Meg will assure you have the right people working on your projects, while keeping those projects on time and in budget.

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Kathy Guillory: Senior Client Success Manager 

Kathy is a marketing leader with 15 years of experience building high-performing teams, managing stakeholder relationships, and implementing marketing solutions. She manages the day-to-day execution of MRM’s projects, maintaining project schedules, prioritizing and allocating resources, managing stakeholder expectations, and establishing feedback loops to regularly collect and address feedback. She’s managed MarTech implementations for mid-market organizations, including marketing automation tool launch and website implementation. Kathy is a skilled communicator and relationship builder, who is passionate about keeping your project on time and on budget. She is also in the process of completing an MBA in Business Analytics from the University of Maine.

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