All the Yetis in the house say hey-ohh

Meet your new Demand Generation buddies

Our Demand Generation Consultants provide the unique service of managing sales and marketing operations and technology to align infrastructure with Sales and Marketing goals. Our proprietary process (the Demand Generation Ecosystem) connects everything from lead generation to closed won business.

And, yes, since 2013, we still get a kick out of building demand generation engines for company after company.

Christopher Antonopoulos: Founder and CEO

Christopher Antonopoulos is the founder and CEO of Measured Results Marketing, a marketing and sales technology services provider that works with businesses to create a Demand Generation Ecosystem® that encompasses their people, processes, and technology.

Christopher’s prior experience with cutting-edge organizations like Tandberg, Cisco Systems, Network Solutions, and Fleet Financial gave him the wisdom and experience necessary to run sales organizations, deploy effective marketing technologies, and optimize marketing and sales operations.

Christopher has successfully initiated and led global web-centric marketing efforts to increase sales pipeline, build market share, and drive revenue gains across multiple channels. He holds an MBA from the University of Denver and a bachelor’s degree in political science from Boston University.

Favorite Snack: Don’t let me near Pringles

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Michael Rejmaniak: Head Marketing & Operations Yeti

I believe in building technology around people without overcomplicating things, so that any changes we make are embraced rather than feared. I’ve spent a lot of time in the trenches, managing email campaigns, online advertising programs, marketing automation tools, CRM integrations and website projects. I call upon this experience in developing sound executable strategies for our clients.

Favorite Snack: Squid Jerky

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Jennifer Mislinski: Client Services & Lead Yeti

I love solving problems of any sort and using clean, quality information to make better decisions and build processes that make sense. I believe data should be like the friend you often take out, show the world, and experience new adventures with. My sailboat-living lifestyle helps/forces me to constantly look at life with an iterative, thoughtful, and patient approach, so it’s infused into everything in my life, not just work. I will likely wax poetic about tools and ways to break work down to strengthen communication lines, make change easier, and increase overall happiness because those are my ultimate goals in life.

Favorite Snack: Coffee

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Vanessa Stirling: Yeti at Large, Sales & Marketing Strategy

I thrive on the complexity of B2B sales cycles and bring a pragmatic, single-minded approach to quickly maximizing revenue growth. I have deep experience in marketing operations, analytics, sales and marketing alignment, go-to-market strategy, content marketing, branding and communications and demand generation tactics.

Favorite Snack: “Gromit, that’s it! Cheese! We’ll go somewhere where there’s cheese!”

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Thomas Stromberg: Marketing Technology Operations Yeti

Where my road hits the proverbial rubber is setting up marketing automation to handle the nuts and bolts of campaign execution. My experience with complex workflows, email campaigns, and website development helps me understand the best ways to use automation to save clients time and get them closer to their marketing goals. I’ve worked with clients in a variety of sizes, industries, and stages of development to make sure the technology performs against best practices and their business demands.

Favorite Snack: Rice Crackers, but the good ones

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Ed “Scotty” Scott: Sales & Operations Technology Yeti

While my skill set is in customizing CRM’s to fit the needs of a business, I believe my best quality is being a people person. I have spent many years working cross-departmentally with marketing, accounting, and sales teams. I use that experience each day to come up with CRM solutions that will be easy for sales to adopt while bringing the results that marketing will like to see. I have worked at both non-profits and for-profit companies, which has helped me to understand the array of situations that different companies experience today.

Favorite Snack: Cookies

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Nancy McDonald: SEO Expert

I help clients rank better in search results to get them more visitors to their website. As a teacher of SEO to marketers, webmasters, SEO consultants and bloggers, I know that SEO can’t be separated from marketing anymore, and if marketing automation tools build the foundation for the marketing program, then SEO impacts many of the program aspects.

Favorite Snack: Fresh fruit

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Lauren Fonvielle: Demand Generation Manager

From content creation to campaign execution, I understand and excel at coordinating, executing, and delivering performance reporting to optimize our clients lead-to-opportunity deal funnel and drive pipeline. With more than 10 years of campaign production at organizations like Earth Day Network, Strayer University, and Washington Gas, I have a solid foundation of experience and the zen factor needed to meet the demands of client business.

Favorite Snack: Pretzels all day long

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