MRM’s CEO Christopher Antonopoulos to share how associations and non-profits can personalize communication to increase conference attendance and membership renewals.

CENTREVILLE, Va. —Oct. 24, 2018 — Measured Results Marketing (MRM), a leading marketing technology and sales CRM consultancy, announces that its CEO, Christopher Antonopoulos, will be presenting at the 9th Annual Higher Logic Super Forum. The session, “How to Personalize Your Association or Non-Profit Communications to Increase Conference Attendance,” will take place on Wednesday, Nov. 7 at 10:30 a.m. ET.

In this session, Antonopoulos will explore how non-profits and associations can solve conference attendance challenges and increase membership renewals by implementing marketing automation practices. He will leverage real-world experiences to explain how properly integrating technologies can help staff to personalize communications beyond just first name and title, ultimately improving conversion rates.

Christopher Antonopoulos, CEO, Measured Results Marketing, said, “Many associations and non-profits struggle to recruit members to attend conferences, due to budgetary, financial or time constraints. The same trend is escalating in membership retention and renewals. Creating personalization through zones and segmentation within marketing automation solutions is a simple way to improve conversion rates in event registrations. The result is highly personalized correspondence that encourage greater engagement year-round, directly improving renewal and retention rates.”

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