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We dig deeply into your organization to uncover a precise understanding of your current people, processes and technology: what works, what doesn’t work, what needs to change.Together, we create a roadmap for success that’s founded on a realistic set of priorities—the opportunities for achieving the greatest revenue impact with the least amount of expense and effort.

Process change means personal change: We turn passive personnel into active participants in an iterative and practical implementation program.

What we can help you with

Marketing Automation

The foundation on which all Yeti houses are built. Sound Marketing Automation is crucial to long term success in generating leads and ultimately revenue for your company. (Pro Tip: CFOs love the revenue part)

  • Selection, implementation and optimization
  • Automation of marketing campaigns
  • Lead qualification
  • Integration with Sales CRM

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Sales CRM

Has your company had numerous “improvised CRM admins?” Want to know what happens to the leads you generate? We will optimize your CRM to do things as nature intended.

  • Selection, implementation and optimization
  • Lead performance tracking
  • Sales pipeline management
  • Marketing campaign attribution

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Marketing & Sales Alignment

“Brothers don’t shake hands, brothers gotta hug.” Much of the conflict between marketing and sales stems from them never sitting down to agree on things in the first place. We can get both of your teams on the same page.

  • On-site alignment workshops
  • Team training
  • Setting shared objectives
  • Technology configuration to support process

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Marketing Planning & Execution

At times, internal marketing teams either don’t have the right skill sets or enough bandwidth to launch campaigns, keep projects running and support added initiatives. Our gaggle of Yetis can help lighten the load for you.

  • Goal and objective planning
  • Campaign build and execution
  • Segmentation
  • Performance tracking

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End-to-end Reporting

“Lead to dollars” is not as tasty as “farm to table” but it is certainly important as marketing departments continue to increase spend, expand programs and experiment with new channels.

  • Database growth and MQLs generated
  • Channel performance
  • Opportunities generated
  • Marketing’s influence on closed won business

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Full Funnel Data Strategy

Our Yetis will help you formulate and implement effective data strategies that uncover insights that will prove extremely valuable in deepening relationships with your customers.

  • Database clean-up
  • Data appending
  • Lifecycle tracking
  • Data-driven campaigns

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