Full Funnel Data Strategy

“60% of the time, it works every time”

Brian Fantana said it best in Anchorman. However, you may find yourself saying things like this to your colleagues if the data in your Marketing Automation system or Sales CRM are not consistent. Data cleanliness is one of those “not so fun” things in the world of Marketing Automation but it’s importance cannot not be overstated. You can build the most complex, awesome workflow in the world, but if your inputs are inconsistent your outputs will be too.

Keeping your data clean and tidy

Our Yetis are sticklers for good data. We realize that data isn’t just important in one part of a process or system, but all parts. We have become experts in defining data strategies that keep things running smoothly for your business. Let us help you with:

Data Normalization

Database Clean-up

Data Deduplication

Leveraging your data to your advantage

Now that you’ve got things in order, it’s time to put your data to work. Our Yetis can help you leverage data within multiple systems to help you with advanced segmentation you never thought was possible. We’ll help you utilize data to help segment and target contacts throughout your entire funnel. We can help you with:

Data Appending

Data-flow between Systems

Data-driven Campaigns


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