Marketing Automation

Proper application of Marketing Automation is crucial to long term success in generating leads and ultimately revenue for your company.

In an environment where more than 95% of people who interact with your website or online assets aren’t ready to buy, you need a comprehensive strategy to help them enter and navigate the buying process.

Helping you with the Marketing Automation “Big 3”

Marketing Automation System Selection

If you’re new to the party, our technology agnostic Yetis will help you select the right Marketing Automation platform that fits your business’s needs.

Marketing Automation System Implementation

There are implementations and there are IMPLEMENTATIONS. (In this case, caps are good.) We will take your implementation far beyond “standard.”

Integration with Sales CRM

Epic automation stretches across your Marketing Automation system, into your Sales CRM and back again. Let us do the heavy lifting to make sure your integration is buttery smooth.

Maximizing your Marketing Automation Investment

Truly valuable automation extends deep into your data set. It helps to figure out who your prospects are, and if they are a good fit for your products and services in the first place.

Data Collection & Normalization

From fields to forms to washing machines, we’ll help you collect data and keep it useful.

Lead Scoring Models

We help make the most of a salesperson’s time by helping you prioritize the leads and let the cream rise to the top.

Automated Nurture Flows

Say goodbye to ad-hoc emails. Our Yetis are digital plumbers that love complex workflows.

Advanced Segmentation

Attribute data, activity data, purchase data, oh my! We’ll get those awesome campaigns out to the right people.

Campaign Set-up & Tagging

Let us make sure all the nifty stuff you create stays organized and gets attributed to the right campaign.

Benchmarking & Reporting

Our Yetis will help you make sense of what to measure, how to measure it and what to compare the results to.

Marketing Automation is more than just mass email

Our Yetis will make sure your Marketing Automation system is optimized to help you harness the right data points to deliver target messages at the right time to answer your prospects’ questions and solve their challenges. Learn More >


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