Marketing Planning & Execution

Developing a systematic plan for your marketing campaigns

Our Yetis take the time to get to know you and your organization. We learn who your ideal customers are; what types of companies they work for, what their unique challenges are that you can solve and where they seek their information. We combine these elements to help you plan strategic, multi-channel campaigns that resonate with your potential prospects and achieve measurable results.

Ten hands are better than one

Whether you need help planning campaigns or not, we have the extra hands you need to execute. If you are strapped for resources, or are busy with special projects, don’t hesitate to contact the Yetis to help with the heavy lifting.

We have certified resources who are ready to create mobile optimized email and landing page templates, build multi-step workflows in your marketing automation tool, properly associate all elements to the proper campaign and report on the results.

Inbound Marketing

It’s time for your content to work for you! We can help develop and execute inbound marketing strategies and campaigns that will attract, convert, close and delight.

Content Development & Syndication

From emails to infographics, we have the resources you need to create great content, and can help you identify the best channels for its distribution.

Integration with Sales CRM

Leave the techy stuff to us. Our Yetis are certified software experts that can take care of the build of your campaigns within your Marketing Automation tool.


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