Marketing & Sales Alignment
Companies with aligned sales and marketing generated 208% more revenue from marketing

The above statistic from HubSpot says it all. If you haven’t already, it’s time to get your Marketing and Sales teams on the same page. Much of the conflict between marketing and sales stems from them never sitting down to agree on things in the first place. We can get both of your teams on the same page.

Where the Yetis can help

If you’re not sure where to get started in aligning your marketing and sales organization, get your yeti on and let us be your guide through the process. If you have already made steps towards alignment, we can help refine things for you to make sure your demand generation machine is running on premium.

Marketing & Sales Alignment Workshops

The Yetis love to travel. Let us come to you and lead your marketing and sales leaders through our immersive on-site workshop. We’ll assess your current process for generating, handing off and following up with leads, provide recommendations on where you can approve, and help you put your new plan into action.

Marketing Automation & Sales CRM Configuration

We thrive on our ability to configure Marketing Automation and Sales CRM systems to support a cohesive marketing and sales relationship. Our Yetis handle everything from integrating both systems, to lead scoring models, to lead assignment and notifications to reporting and tracking lead quality and sales performance.

Process and System Training

Once we help hammer out your newly agreed upon demand generation process and get your technology stack where it needs to be to support it, we’ll make sure your entire marketing and sales teams are in the loop, understand your objectives and can perform the tactics needed to achieve them. We can do both on-site and remote, web-based training.


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When sales and marketing teams are in sync, companies became 67% better at closing deals. It’s time to improve your collaboration!

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