Sales Revenue Accelerator

Streamline your sales process to sell more, faster. Build a sustainable, efficient cadence to your sales follow-up programs with an improved application of technology and overhauled internal processes.

Time erodes your pipeline

When leads get stuck or overlooked, your investment in marketing campaigns and sales team development erodes swiftly. Without a clear sales process, new team members are not able to ramp quickly, become frustrated, or invent their own processes. The MRM Yetis are experts at helping you develop the tools and processes to keep your pipeline current and active.

MRM Yetis know sales

Whether your challenge is sales, lead generation, operations, technology or sales process development, your Yetis will guide you through developing a revenue generation dynamo. We’ll work with you to improve sales efficiency, increase win rates, and measure success.

Technology Configuration

Map your sales methodology to your marketing automation and CRM. Automate the process for timely follow-up.

Sales Team Enablement

Develop content, scripts, follow-up cadences, and create training materials for onboarding new staff easily.

Establish and Share Targets

Define best-fit prospects, value proposition, and ideal client characteristics so that marketing can target the right people for sales to close.

Support Sales Ops and Executives

Develop reports to measure pipeline and support performance coaching.

Revenue acceleration that leaves no lead behind

Your team of Yetis will guide you through developing your customized revenue acceleration program.

Establish ideal client profile

Sales, product, and marketing define the ideal sales-ready buyer. We translate that into data, functionality, and tech across the pipeline.

Develop supporting content

Then we work with you to build marketing programs, improve sales tools, and create training. Our team can help prioritize or implement what you need, like follow-up cadences, call/email scripts, collateral, and processes.

Smarter tech to automate pipeline

MRM Yetis scrutinize your entire tech stack to identify whether there are roadblocks in your data, software configuration, integrations or processes that are slowing down revenue realization.

Measure your success

We collaborate to identify which key metrics you and your stakeholders need. Then reporting experts will implement the dashboards and reports to display your KPIs and help everyone understand the impact of their programs.


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