Salesforce Implementation Services that Fit Your Needs

Does your Salesforce instance look like Franken-Force? Do you have so many custom fields, objects, and integrations you can’t create meaningful reports? Do your sales teams spend more time on Salesforce than sales?

Support your entire pipeline

We create a cross-organizational structure so you know who your prospects are, how they progress through their buying journey, and the results of your sales and marketing programs.

We Watch Over Your Pipeline, Too

We’ve been in your shoes: wondering when an opportunity will close, why a marketing campaign worked, and building the plan for the next quarter.

We provide a unique blend of technical know-how and business reality to discern how you sell and make recommendations for your CRM and processes.
All your key stakeholders get a voice in our efficient learning process, and then we add our independent viewpoint on how to evolve your operations.

At the end of the day, we’re with you. We want your organization to experience repeatable revenue growth, and we’re here to help make your Salesforce support you so you can focus on your business.

Integrate Data, Fields, and Processes Across Systems

Track and generate the results you need with a reliable CRM integration. Our Yetis love integrations! We make sure to seamlessly connect your entire sales/marketing technology stack so your data goes where it should.

Report on Sales and Marketing Performance

From marketing attribution to sales performance, know that your data syncs up, and visualize your efforts. Our Jedi-like Yetis can help you find the droids you’re looking for.

Build a Conversion Process

Standardize across your objects to align the organization. Take advantage of our smarts to automate humdrum activities, so you can do more with fewer headaches.

Support Sales Operations

Build lead assignment rules, processes and flows to automate sales tasks, and improve the flow of data across your marketing automation system, Salesforce, and any other sales technology your team uses.

Salesforce Implementation Services

Leverage your Salesforce investment and connect it properly to share information and to facilitate predictable pipeline forecasting. MRM Yetis work at every layer of your Demand Generation Ecosystem® to ensure your Salesforce instance simplifies your team members’ processes.

Measured Results Marketing will review your Salesforce implementation, processes, and integrations to identify roadblocks in your sales process. We work with you to define your ideal process. Then we roll up our sleeves!

From day-to-day tasks to advanced solutions, there are Yetis ready to help you! Here are just a few examples of projects we do:
  • Set up campaigns
  • Import lists
  • User administration and permissions
  • Automate using Process Builder or Flow Builder
  • Implement validation rules
  • Maintain and optimize custom objects
  • Configure lead, contact, account, and opportunity objects
  • Build reports/dashboards
  • Create specialized workflows
  • Standardize Price Books, Product lists, and Quotes for Opportunities

Match A New Salesforce Implementation To Your Business Needs

Track and generate the results you need with a reliable CRM integration. Our Yetis love integrations! We make sure to seamlessly connect your entire sales/marketing technology stack so your data goes where it should.

MRM can support your new Salesforce implementation and tailor it to your desired state. We analyze your business needs to provide the ideal way to support them using Salesforce.

During implementation we:
  • Collaborate with your team to define business objectives
  • Customize out-of-the-box Salesforce settings
  • Train your team on how to use Salesforce to increase user adoption and improve productivity
  • Create Reports and Dashboards so you can see how you’re trending against your KPIs

Simplify Sales Operations

We’ll review your existing Salesforce instance and provide detailed recommendations to improve your system and realign it with your business needs and growth. Our assessments and technical improvements ensure you’re getting the most from your Salesforce investment, now and as you scale. Common optimization opportunities include:
  • Data Management & Analytics to include deduplication, Reporting and Dashboards
  • Process Automation Review and Optimization
  • Configuring Objects, User Adoption, Experience Design
  • Technical Assessment of your marketing automation and integration with Salesforce

Implement Robust Lead Management Processes

Salesforce works best when your internal processes and best practices are documented, standardized, and communicated across your organization and other software applications in your Demand Generation Ecosystem® provide a clear-eyed, outside perspective to help you build success into every point of your buyer’s journey. We can help:
  • Standardize lead management processes
  • Assess integration of your marketing automation tool with Salesforce
  • Integrate custom solutions for efficient data flow across your enterprise
  • Integrate custom solutions for efficient data flow across your enterprise
  • Provide comprehensive operational expertise and ongoing ad-hoc support

Work With Experts

The Yetis are here to help you execute against your set of goals. You might need to stand up a new instance, overhaul your current Salesforce system, or do some fine-tuning. You may just need a set of extra hands during a specific project. Let’s discuss how our deep knowledge of Salesforce can support all of your projects.
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RevOps is Our Bread and Butter

MRM specializes in solving operational issues and creating customized end-to-end solutions for our clients.

We know your industry

B2B is our focus and we love solving technical problems. We know how to get results, no matter the vertical.

We’re experienced

In addition to 10+ years of RevOps experience across the team, MRM is also HubSpot Revenue Operations certified.

Onboarding and Training

Our RevOps Yetis create customized onboarding and training that is tailored to your organization’s needs.
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