Integrating HubSpot and Salesforce

It’s that time of year again! Marketers are putting pen to paper, deciding how to meet aggressive goals in 2022. Whether your fiscal year starts in October or January, you’re likely considering whether adding tools to your technology stack will bring the additional oomph your strategies need.

Before investing hours in taking multiple calls from technology vendors, take stock of where you are and whether your current tools can be optimized to better achieve your goals.

Here are important questions for you to consider before making any decisions to buy new tech: 

1) Regardless of what tools you have, what are the concrete goals you want to achieve and how will you measure them?

2) Are you capturing all leads and where they come from?

3) What three things would make a significant difference in generating leads and converting them into prospects?

4) Do you have a systematic way to send leads to your sales team and to understand whether or not they’re following up?

5) Is your challenge generating enough leads, or qualifying the ones you get?

6) Do you already have the right technology, but it isn’t set up properly or does not solve the issues listed above?

7) Is the new technology going to fix the problems you’ve identified, or is there an underlying process or a culture within the organization that stands in the way?

Many marketers find it surprising that they need to improve their current technology stack before adding on to it. You’ll thank yourself for going through this quick exercise to determine what your needs are and what is causing your challenges. You’ll then be able to make informed decisions about whether further investments in a technological solution is the best approach.

Not certain how to evaluate your technology? Please message me and we can discuss what might be best in your unique situation. (