5 Things to do to be smart marketerThe great thing about being a marketing leader is that you’re at the center of everything in the company. Although, sometimes that center is actually the middle of a hurricane caused when everyone asks potentially difficult questions about performance of campaigns and projected revenue.

I’ve found that having this type of information readily available can be difficult at first. At my start-ups, there was no historical data to analyze or any defined processes. Even when working at more established companies, I was dealing with legacy systems in silos, inconsistent approaches for nurturing and lead follow up and metrics that didn’t match new goals. But given the right process and a Venti London Fog, you can create a solid analytics practice for your marketing organization – whatever your situation.

So, where do you start?

Maybe you’ve started a new marketing gig, had a change in management or want to evolve your practices a bit. I’m not smarter than the average bear, but I’m pretty practical so the below list is where I would start. Unfortunately, you won’t instantly have all the answers you need for that hurricane. Stock up on bread and TP in the meantime.

Assess your infrastructure

Create a cheat sheet

Watch your words

Get pumped

Send a picture of your team engaging in any of the above to @FindYourYeti or yeti@measuredresultsmarketing.com and we’ll give you a virtual high-five. If you need help with building buy-in and alignment with your sales, marketing and company leadership around the right technology, processes, definitions, campaigns and analytics, let us know.

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