Is there a word for not knowing everything about your marketing tech stack?

Yes, it’s called ‘learning’.

Have you been seeing gaps in your tech stack and don’t have the time or expertise to figure out how to fix them? Your first step is to conduct a marketing tech stack audit, and sometimes if you’re too busy, new to a role, operating under changing business conditions, you may want an expert to perform this process for you. They help accelerate your learning.

About half the time when MRM comes in and does an audit, someone else has already done one and missed items. Here are a few key things to look for when evaluating a tech stack audit expert who will help you right from the start:

  1. Experience: Look for someone who has extensive experience in conducting marketing tech stack audits, especially those with knowledge of your primary CRM and marketing automation platform. It’s not a job for interns with a list, you want the baked-in knowledge and insights needed to identify potential issues and opportunities for improvement within your marketing technology infrastructure.
  2. Technical Expertise: A great consultant should have strong technical expertise in system implementation, marketing automation, CRM software, campaign analytics, and other marketing-related tools. Ideally, you will also select one that isn’t tied to one particular platform or software. Seriously, test them. If they start enjoying geeking out with you, then you’re onto a good thing. If you hear mumbo jumbo or words that sound like they’re lifted from a website….walk, you’re better off on your own. 
  3. Analytical Skills: Choose someone with strong analytical skills, able to dive deep into your infrastructure and compare it to your team’s processes. You need to trust their business acumen, as they review your current metrics, understand your team goals, and assess how your current tech stack is (or isn’t) helping you achieve those goals. 
  4. Communication Skills: You’ll be working on complex systems and processes with this person, so pick someone who can translate that world to the rest of your world. Evaluate how well they can communicate findings and recommendations in a clear and concise manner to both technical and non-technical stakeholders within your company. Everyone will understand their findings and can then collaborate to implement the recommended changes.
  5. Industry Knowledge: During the selection phase, make sure your consultant has a deep understanding of the latest trends and best practices in the marketing technology industry. You should be able to have a casual conversation with them on what they’re thinking and seeing. It’ll prove their ability to talk the talk, but also allow them to tailor recommendations to your specific needs.
  6. Recommendations for Improvement: A great consultant should not only identify potential issues but also provide clear recommendations for improvement. Anyone can walk around with a clipboard and find problems. You want someone who works like they’re part of your team, so their recommendations should be actionable, tailored, and help you to optimize your marketing technology infrastructure for improved performance, efficiency, and ROI.

If you find the right person, then you’re going to learn from them. You’re going to learn what it is you need in order to surpass your goals. 

Don’t settle for someone that sounds good, you’re looking for someone who’s going to have a major impact on your business, your team, and your work-life. Find someone with the right combination of experience, technical expertise, analytical skills, communication skills, industry knowledge, and ability to provide actionable recommendations for improvement. 

Contact MRM: we’ll learn about you, and you’ll learn a whole lot about your tech stack!