HubSpot Admins have a lot to balance with tracking users, access, changes, challenges, and more. One of the most useful changes I’ve seen recently is the new HubSpot preset preferences capability. If you're not familiar with this capability, read on to learn how using HubSpot presets can simplify user experience.

Even long-term HubSpot admins know how challenging it can be to set up new users, or managing access and user-experience for a diverse audience of HubSpot users. HubSpot presets can help you help users to get the most out of using HubSpot!

What are HubSpot presets?

With HubSpot presets, the admin can set up one or multiple team or user profiles so that access, notifications, and When setting up or managing HubSpot users, you may be overwhelmed by the many user settings, access options, and more that are available. HubSpot preference presets facilitate setting up and helping your HubSpot users to focus on what is important to them, while maintaining security and consistency across your teams.

What do HubSpot presets control?

General settings

  • Homepage: Do you want your team members to start their HubSpot sessions on a particular page? You can choose nearly any page that makes sense to the team. For the sales team, you may select that they go to the Prospecting page when they log in. Service? They would land on your tickets pipeline, or their own task list. Leadership? Send them directly to the dashboard page.
  • Default dashboard: You may want specific user groups to have a default dashboard they see when they go to dashboards. For example, you can create a Marketing results dashboard so marketers see that when they navigate to dashboards. Note - users can always access any public dashboard, but this directs them to the one dashboard that’s most important to them.
  • Language / Date and Time format: If you have international teams, you can now set up their formats to match how they are most comfortable doing business. 

Email signatures

  • Set the standard email signature blocks for all HubSpot users. This is the signature block that will appear in any 1:1 email or if you use smart content in a marketing email to bring in a person’s signature file (didn’t know about that? It’s an awesome tool!!).
  • Include your brand-standard email signature content. Also, use tokens so that each signature block is customized for the sender. 


Set up how each HubSpot user sees notifications. Do you want them to see a bell notification? A pop up? Email? 

With the recent HubSpot notifications update, you have complete control over the topics of and mechanisms for user notifications. Because setting notification profiles is a bit complex (and something you only need to do once), keep your eyes open for a follow up post that will walk you through everything you need to know.

HubSpot presets for individuals and teams

If you’re like most HubSpot admins, you have a number of different types of users; sales reps, marketing managers, social media specialists, service reps, and more, where each type of user will benefit from different user experiences. 

Here’s where having a strategic plan for each of these teams comes in handy! Once you’ve set up different preset sets based on different user groups, assign your teams to the preset that best fits their needs. Although each business is different, here is an example of presets in use:

Presets for business development:

  • Homepage: Prospecting
  • Dashboard: their Pipeline
  • Language / date / time: based on their physical location
  • Email signatures: include their title, meeting link, contact information, and a promotional banner (if applicable)
  • Notifications: 
    • Style: bell, email, browser notification
    • Topics: chat/conversations, calling, actions from their contacts / companies, deals, quotes, invoices

Using HubSpot presents: conclusion

Creating presets for your organization is valuable for keeping your teams focused on their responsibilities, however it can be complex defining and implementing them yourself. Contact MRM to discuss implementation that meets your company’s unique needs!