Free solution provides guidance within HubSpot interface for all users

Centreville, Virginia, July 9, 2024: With over  10 years of experience helping clients build robust HubSpot ecosystems,  Measured Results announces the launch of their new in-app guidance, Yeti Guide. Designed by a HubSpot Certified Trainer, the Yeti Guide plugin provides in-app updates on new features, guided walk-throughs for new users, and hacks to improve HubSpot performance.

“We’re excited to offer our expertise to a broad user base,” said Christopher Antonopoulos, CEO of Measured Results Marketing. “We’re committed to helping users get the most out of their HubSpot investment and, the Yeti Guide extension gives users key information right in the app, when they need it.”

 "We've just adopted the Yeti Guide," said Daniel Cooke, VP Marketing at Alba Wheels Up, a leading provider of tailored customs broker, transportation, and logistics solutions. "It’s going to be extremely helpful in reaffirming our HubSpot onboarding training in how to complete specific tasks and will save the marketing team valuable time in not needing to repeat some of the step-by-step training.  In our next phase, we will work with Measured Results Marketing to customize the guides based on our unique business requirements."

Covering Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, and Service Hub, the application is available to HubSpot administrators to implement in their own organizations. The first 10 seats in each organization are free of charge, and incremental seats are available at a nominal fee. 


About Measured Results Marketing

Measured Results Marketing (MRM) is a Sales and Marketing technology agency that partners with B2B SaaS companies seeking to align their people, processes, tools, and data with RevOps methodology. They specialize in fixing bad migrations or implementations, platform enablement (learning how to use your tools), long-term roadmapping, and demonstrating the ROI of marketing efforts. Founded in 2013, MRM uses a proprietary process, its Demand Generation Ecosystem®, to align the use of technology, internal processes, and measurement of results. MRM is a partner with almost 50 commonly-used technologies and provides an independent view of their clients’ infrastructure. For more information, visit:


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