The Great Cycle Challenge stands as a powerful initiative, not only as one of the largest cycling challenges in the United States but also as a means of hope and support for children battling cancer. With over 15,700 American children facing a cancer diagnosis annually and 38 heartbreaking deaths per week, the urgency of the cause becomes evident.

This organization has been a rallying point for cyclists nationwide, providing a platform where individuals can challenge themselves to achieve mileage goals while simultaneously raising funds for the Children’s Cancer Research Fund. The combination of personal development challenges and charitable fundraising creates a unique and impactful experience that extends beyond the individual cyclist to encompass entire families.

Participation in the Great Cycle Challenge is not only meaningful but also accessible. The simplicity of the registration and participation process ensures that individuals of all cycling abilities can contribute to the cause. The friendly and helpful nature of the organization further eases the journey, making it a seamless experience for participants.

Why the Great Cycle Challenge?

What sets the Great Cycle Challenge apart is its ability to unite diverse communities for a common cause. In the last few years, even MRM’s prospects and customers have joined the movement, demonstrating the expanding ripple effect of the initiative. The invitation to be a part of Team Yeti is extended through various channels such as newsletters and LinkedIn, emphasizing the inclusivity of the event.

As this is MRM’s 8th year participating, the goal is not only to surpass previous achievements but to double the impact of Team Yeti. The event is held throughout the month of September so be on the lookout for more information in the coming months, and consider taking up the challenge for a purpose beyond personal achievement – cycling to make a difference in the lives of children battling cancer.