The Measured Results Marketing Yetis have made a name for themselves in the marketing automation realm, but we’re very proud of the work your business has helped us sponsor in the wild too. For 9 years, we’ve been supporting local organizations around the world with their reforestation projects. We’re currently supporting ForestPlanet on two of their projects in Tanzania and Morocco.

Hard, bare earth remains when trees are removed, but that’s only the surface of the problem. Without the root infrastructure, the earth becomes drained of moisture and eventually nutrients, making it difficult for anything to grow or livestock to be raised. The soil is more easily washed away into rivers and eventually oceans, where it can smother beds and clog corals and other habitats, affecting wildlife there too.

ForestPlanet’s reforestation projects go beyond simply replacing lost trees. Involving and educating communities creates local investment in seeing the planting projects succeed, provides sustainable planting and harvesting practices, and reinvigorates community development, which helps more quickly reverse the damage caused when the land was barren.

Education of the local community is vital to the success of the programs

Learn more about our work with ForestPlanet in Tanzania here and Morocco here.

The projects we sponsor have planted about 40,000 trees so far. A mature mangrove tree removes approximately 308kg (677lbs) of CO2 from the atmosphere over its 25-year life. That equates to 12,320,000kg, or 27,104,000lbs, of CO2 for our trees.

Here’s a message from Hank Dearden of ForestPlanet.

But how does that help me?

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) considerations are becoming more important for organizations. No doubt you have many of your own projects and policies to be proud of. As a service provider of yours, you can leverage our ESG activities and goals in messaging to your audience to demonstrate that your own ESG efforts extend and include those of your partners too.

Our support for reforestation and community development programs is just part of our total corporate ESG effort. Maybe you’ve seen our annual participation in the Great Cycle Challenge the ride to beat childhood cancer or our annual food donations.

Just as we’re your partner in business, we’re also your partner in corporate social responsibility.